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Kumara Anautaraju who succeeded his father ruled his

ancestral estate with ^reat glory.    He  had, however, to face a

serious   rebellion   fomented   by  the galaigars  iu  which his

younger brother. Ellamaraja was   involved.    The   palaigars,

having joined together wore collecting forces at  Kalukata,

Grundluru,    Yemupalli,     Aniinela,    Palagiri,    Taingedupalli,

Cappaili, Pigiieru, Kumalhikalva and Settipalle with the object

of overthrowing the authority of Kuinara Ananta, and spread-

ing anarchy in the land.   Having come to know the motive of

the rebels, Kumara Ananta imprisoned his brother in the fort

of Siddhavatarn, and marched upon the enemy at the head of

an army.    He defeated the rebels in a series of engagements,

and led his array as far as Udayagiri.    After suppressing the

rebellion thoroughly, he returned to his capital and busied

himself in peaceful avocations.

A number of verses composed by the Shats of his court
describe in eulogistic language his achievements. He is said
to have built gopuras at Venkatacala, and having established
the Eaya upon his throne, won the applause of the nobles,
mannes, and the heroes of other countries. He won victories
over the palaigars at Kalukata, Grundluru, Vemupalli, Animela,
Palagiri, Cappalli, Tamge<Jupalli, Pigiieru, Kumallakalva,
Madhavara and Settipalle. He accepted the apology of his
brother Ellamaraja, and set him at liberty ; moreover, he grant-
ed to him Mailupalle, Pondaliiru, Gundluru, Porernpadu and
Eayavaram as amaram,

After a rule of twelve years Kumara Anantaraju departed
to the world of the gods.

Kaijiyat 0/ <#*/* : Z. R* 22, pp. 2*2-23.

338(a). THE FALL OF
Abdul Mahammad and Abdulla Wahab, two officers of the
king of Bijapur, came^with an army, and laid siege to the fort
of Kandanavolu on S. S, 1541, Siddharthi, Phalguna ba. 5.*
Gopalaraju fled from the fort. The siege of the fort lasted
until Dundubti as it was defended by the troops of Gopalaraju.
20 A,D.